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HTL's Top Music Sites

Our research department put together a list of the top music sites we belive will bring you the best results.

At Pandora, we have a single mission: To play only music you'll love.

Last.FM is a social network and music recommendation engine. Use it to discover new music, build a personal radio station, and connect to others with similar tastes.

Online music, photo, and video sharing platform. Search for and stream media uploaded by people in your online community.

Listen online to specific albums and songs and share your playlists and musical tastes with the Deezer community. Deezer pays for you to listen by sharing advertising revenues with artists and rights owners.

Music recommendation service which allows listeners to create a radio station by selecting genres, eras, popularity, moods, and colors.

6. LaLa
Upload your music, purchase online-only songs, share songs with friends, and discover new music through the Lala community.

Offers the iLike Sidebar for iTunes to helps users discover new music and share and compare music libraries.

8.Project Playlist
Create playlists and share them on MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, and other sites.

9.Hype Machine

The Hype Machine searches music blog discussions and creates internet radio stations based around the most discussed artists and songs.

Listen to music online with this internet radio website that plays what you want. Simply enter an artist or pick a musical style and Jango starts playing a related radio station.

Free online music station and recommendation engine. Create personal playlists to share on your blog and share with friends, buy and browse music, and more.

Find your new favorite song. Discover and stream community recommended music. features a streaming list of songs recommended through their elaborate, spam-proof music user-rating system.


Use MOG to publish thoughts about your favorite artists and tracks, and share your listening habits with friends. The downloadable MOG-O-MATIC detects what you've been listening to and tells everyone.

14. ijigg
Discover new music, rate music you like, download free mp3s, make new friends, and share music with them.

15. mystrands

Social music recommendation and discovery site that tracks people's musical tastes and provides recommendations. Also allows users to tag artists, albums, and songs and browse based on other people's tags.

Stumble on to new audio. Music discovery and rating site which randomly selects from 2,000,000+ songs in a variety of genres.

Users can create a personalized Internet radio station. By joining MeeMix online community, you can see videos and hear songs, as well as broadcast your station to friends.

19. streampad
Listen to your own music from anywhere in the world, stream concerts from the Internet Archive, tune into internet radio, create playlists and share them on your website, and see what your friends are listening to.

This is the place to meet music lovers and discover new music!

Listen to customized internet radio based on connections with friends, family, and users with similar musical preferences. Discover new music and share your internet radio station with friends.

22. Buzznet
Buzznet is a social media site where passionate fans interact in thousands of music communities.

23. blip
Start your own internet radio station

24. jango
Jango is all about making online music easy, fun and social.

TuneWiki let users share their music selections on Facebook and Twitter, get track lyrics, and see what other people near them are listening to.

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